Why Choose Blu-ray Over DVD?

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The movie quality of DVD is fantastic so why should anyone upgrade to Blu-ray? Besides the far better quality of sound and picture, it's the little-known features and benefits of the Blu-ray format that provide the best reason to upgrade from DVD. Here is a quick summary of the awesome home-entertainment benefits Blu-ray provides:

BD-Live (commonly known as Profile 2.0): DVD Players are stand-alone and independent devices which offer neither independent networking ability nor adaptive customization. BD-Live describes connectivity of Blu-ray devices to the Internet as well as 1 GB or more memory capacity. This means that content may be updated (as well as customized based on viewing preferences) and stored to the Blu-ray device such as movie trailers or games (the Sony Playstation 3 comes with a very good Profile 2.0 Blu-ray Player). BD-Live allows for the socializing of home-entertainment, for example, a Blu-ray movie may be watched in multiple locations with a community of viewers communicating via video or texting.

Blu-ray Quality: All Blu-ray discs are required to have a 'hard-coating' (called ScratchGuard by Verbatim and Durabis by TDK) which guards against scratches to the disc surface. DVD doesn't have this protection which makes Blu-ray discs far more durable and hard wearing (TDK have demonstrated a Blu-ray disc scratched with steel wool which still is usable without error).

Blu-ray Data Capacity: The added value of the significant data capacity over DVD means that where two or more DVD's were occasionally required for a movie and bonus content, Blu-ray is able to house this content (and more) on a single disc. This means far more additional (bonus) content may provided with each movie (and you won't have to leave the sofa to change discs).

BD-J (Blu-ray Java): Blu-ray uses the Java software platform. The benefit of using Java is that it is a very commonly used platform especially in Internet applications and substantially enhances menu and other software capabilities (such as the ability to update Blu-ray software over the Internet). Menus and additional content such as games are therefore far more interactive and visually appealing than on DVD.

So, why the need for Blu-ray at all if movies can be streamed via the Internet? Have you tried to watch a streamed movie on your HDTV? If you have you'll know exactly why streaming movie quality has a long way to go!

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Why Choose Blu-ray Over DVD?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30