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Universal Studios has announced the release of Blues Brother Blu Ray! This Blues Brother film from the year 1980 stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as brothers Jake and Elwood Blues respectively. These brothers are rhythm and blues brothers with a “mission from God” to save an orphanage ran by nuns from foreclosure.

The Blues Brother Blu Ray edition arrived last July 26, 2011. This Blues Brother Blu Ray edition includes both the theatrical version and the extended one of the film. And this Blues Brother Blue Ray edition offers a number of special features:

Aside from the extended version, there is also a 15 minute additional footage. There is even a story behind the making of the Blues Brothers through the behind the scenes with the director John Landis. There are highlights of many spin-offs, tributes, stage shows, impersonators, pop culture and other merchandising developments. There is even the “remembering John’ feature that families, friends and co-stars share their personal stories and memories with the late great comedian. Of course, there is also the theatrical trailer of the film.

The Blues Brother film was one of the greatest films and it even has the greatest soundtrack too. There is something about this film that brings out the best feeling in each of us. There is something about rebellion that brings out the human in all of us. And this is what this film is all about. The Blues Brothers may not be the conventional good boys of the world but they had a big heart. And they stood true to what they love most: their music. They were not so keen about changing their style no matter what other people said. They knew that if they were true to their music – they were true to themselves.

The Blues Brother Blu Ray will remind you what timeless comedy is all about. This film is all about interesting characters in a fun story – those characters grow far more intriguing as the film’s narrative progresses. There is a “certain quirkiness” about this film that it was dubbed as the second’s most successful movie of all time. The Blues Brothers will always stand as one of the greatest comedies of the early 80’s. It will always be funny, full of spirit and love and will always be filled with memorable moments and music. With its awesome action sequences and power house cast, it is not a question as to why it was a huge success back then.

The Blues Brothers Blu Ray has two cuts of the film – there is the 133 minute theatrical cut and the extended one of 148 minutes. If you are one of the diehard fans, then you may want to consider buying the extended cut. Blues Brother Blu ray fares pretty damn great! The film was able to retain its charm in a sharpest, cleanest and brightest version ever! This Blues Brother Blu Ray is bold and filled with texture and detail and close ups are striking to the core.

So grab your blues brother sunglasses and watch this great movie tonight!

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Blues Brothers Blu Ray

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Blues Brothers Blu Ray

This article was published on 2011/11/10